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About Development Alert

Founded in 2019, Development Alert is a registered (Registration Number CR127/2020 and then Renewed under CR/11/2022) nongovernmental, not-for-profit membership-based community organization. Development Alert implements projects and activities that promote access to quality education, clean and safe water, economic opportunities, and environmental conservation among rural, poor, and underprivileged communities. We exist because we believe our community is incredibly vulnerable, needs a hand, and deserves quality programs and services.

To provide a comprehensive and sustainable reprieve from poverty, biodiversity loss, misfortune, disability, destitution, and hopelessness experienced by individuals, communities, and the environment in partnership with organizations’ involved in the same.

Address the Causes of Poverty, Biodiversity Loss, and Marginalization and Their Consequences.

Core Values

At all times, Development Alert seeks to involve local communities, policy makers and stakeholders in its activities. This is done through engagement of participatory approaches to decision making and action-taking at all levels in the organisation and within our networks and partnerships. Development Alert’s promotion of participation is designed to minimize the power inequalities in human relations that create and sustain poverty and injustices through suppression of alternative voices.

Development Alert ensures that it undertakes all its work with utmost openness and that the public and supporters know how and why they carry out their activities in a particular manner. The organisation ensures information sharing with stakeholders, government and key players.

Development Alert and all persons acting in its name and on the organization’s behalf act in an open and responsible manner. The organisation is desirous of manifesting institutionalized accountable behaviour, contributing to the setting of best standards in corporate responsibility in the non-profit sector. It opens itself up to public scrutiny and takes responsibility for acts of omission and commission. Development Alert is accountable for funds and resources in its possession to stakeholders and endeavors to uphold both general and vertical accountability.

In recognition of the centrality of politics to the development process, Development Alert’s activities address the central issues affecting humanity and Environment in a non-partisan manner. This is done in such a way that Development Alert does not align itself to any political party or ideals.


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