Together We Can Make A Change

In Uganda, millions suffer daily without access to clean water, a basic human right. This crisis not only deprives them of this necessity but also makes them vulnerable to diseases, as contaminated water remains the leading cause of illness and death. It demands our immediate attention and action. 

Every day, families, children, and entire communities are forced to drink from contaminated sources, exposing themselves to diseases and suffering that no one should endure. The lack of clean water not only threatens lives but also undermines the very essence of human dignity. It’s an injustice that cries out for action. But amidst the despair, there is hope. There are organizations and individuals on the ground tirelessly working to provide sustainable solutions and bring clean water to those who need it most, like Development Alert.

Development Alert's Contributions

Development Alert received support to drill a community borehole, providing access to clean and safe water in Kisia Village in Paya Sub County. This borehole has brought water closer, reducing the long distances covered to collect water and enabling a community to have clean and safe water sources. Over 1,000 people have been relieved of the water crisis challenges in Uganda as a result. However, there is still a dire need for more boreholes so that multiple villages can access clean and safe water. Your donation can help a community obtain clean and safe water. 

Together, we can be a force for change. We can amplify their voices, raise awareness, and mobilize resources to ensure that every person in Uganda has access to clean, safe water. It’s not just a matter of charity; it’s a matter of justice and human rights. Let us not turn a blind eye to this crisis. Let us not be silent in the face of injustice. Let us rise up, united in compassion and determination, to make a difference. The time to act is now.