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Education Programme

In Uganda, nearly 50% of children do not complete primary school due to high levels of poverty that make it harder for parents and guardians to provide scholastic materials and other support needed for children to stay in school. The majority of families rely upon traditional agriculture practices for their livelihoods, and these are often affected by unpredictable weather changes and other adverse conditions that affect crop productivity.

These ongoing challenges are coupled with an extremely large youth population and the largest refugee population in Africa, creating a great need for both education and job opportunities.
This is worse in rural areas, where poor school infrastructure leads to extremely poor performance. In response, Development Alert is focused on initiatives like:

Support children from poor households with school materials so that they can stay in school.
Provide sponsorships to children to attain education and training.
Supply of school infrastructure so that children can learn smoothly.
Support schools with education materials and equipment to aid learning.
Create awareness among parents and guardians about the benefits of education.

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