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Environment Conservation

Uganda is projected to lose its entire forest cover by 2050 unless the trend of deforestation is arrested and degraded landscapes restored. Most of the forests are destroyed for agriculture, charcoal burning, and settlement, and in addition, over 90% of the households use wood fuel for cooking.

Based on this trend, Development Alert under the Environment Conservation program works with communities to promote projects that aim to tackle deforestation in Uganda, improve the health of women and children, and empower and build the capacity of communities on environment-based practices through:

Training communities on tree nursery bed establishment and management.
Tree planting to increase tree cover in communities, both on-farm and protected, and in Key Biodiversity Areas.
Promote conservation education among communities, including in schools and other institutions.
Implement projects aimed at recycling waste products.
Engage communities in forest and wetland conservation and restoration.
Promote clean and energy-saving technologies for better health.
Start and build up partnerships for conservation.
Initiate, identify, and develop tourism-related activities.
Carry out relevant research activities.

Get Involved:

Fundraise for a conservation activity.

Sponsor or support a community conservation project.

Donate trees for a community.

Participate in community tree planting.

Each contribution helps save or improve someone’s life.

Join our growing family of Donors who turn their compassion into hope for those in need.